Technical Data

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Vessel: M/Y Turmoil, Ice Classed
Year completed: 2006
Shipyard: Assens Shipyard, Denmark
Coating used: Inorganic zinc primer, Mascoat Marine-DTM at 120 mils (3.0 mm)
Classification Society: Lloyd’s Register


Motor Yacht with Insulation Coating

The vessel M/Y Turmoil, an Ice Class, was built to IMO standards to travel to the farthest reaches of the globe and is owned by a famous clothing maker in the USA. This successful entrepreneur always sought the best products in his clothing and his personal life. A fanatic about the environment and research, he decided to build the ultimate expedition yacht so no place in the world would be beyond his limit. The owner hired Phillip Walsh, a very successful worldwide yacht captain to manage the project, as well as captain the yacht upon its completion.


Captain Walsh was able to specify all products he saw to be the best for the expedition vessel in order to ensure its performance for worldwide waters. He had seen Mascoat Marine-DTM being employed in many recent yacht builds in the USA, as well as hundreds of work vessels worldwide. Captain Walsh thought it to be a perfect fit for this new project and thus specified the coating during the building of the M/Y Turmoil.


Mascoat Marine-DTM Anti-Condensation Coating was used in combination with fire insulation. This combination provided performance unseen in other typical ice class vessels. The M/Y Turmoil was taken to the chilly waters of the North Atlantic and reported the interior remained very comfortable without the need of extra heating to sustain constant temperatures.