Company name:  Withheld
Project:  Mining truck cabins- Arctic Circle
Coating used:  Mascoat Marine-DTM
Thickness:  2.50 mm
Reason for application:  Personnel protection, CUI & moisture absorption prevention


Functioning in extremely cold weather conditions can pose problems for personnel and machinery. The cold climate can pose a health risk to employees while equipment can be subject to extreme degradation through condensation and freezing.


Mascoat Marine-DTM coating is a lightweight durable and effective coating. While conventional insulation material can be subject to moisture absorption, which can affect its thermal properties and promote corrosion. DTM can eliminate condensation issues and will not absorb moisture. Its complex formula also retains heat within cabins & similar resulting in reduced energy/heat loss.


A well-known mining company in the Arctic Circle sought a solution to add to their current insulation system within their truck cabins while providing condensation protection. Occupants would operate their heating systems to full capacity subsequently; this difference between internal/external temperatures would cause condensation issues internally. As a result, internal insulation would absorb moisture leading to corrosion and bacteria growth. Secondly, internal operating systems, panels and fittings would also absorb moisture and become damaged.


After communications with a Mascoat specialist, it was deemed that Mascoat Marine-DTM would be a perfect fit for their requirements. As the coating was lightweight and thin, it could be applied in addition to conventional insulation products without affecting the cabin dimensions. Its ability to prevent moisture absorption meant that its function-ability would not degrade over time preventing CUI. Lastly, by retaining the heat inside the cabin and reducing heat loss and cold intake, the heaters would no longer need to function at maximum capacity providing less strain on engine components/fuel consumption. The coating was applied at a thickness of 2.5 mm to the internal areas of the cabin under the conventional insulation. In line with customer requirements, the DTM coating provided an effective long-term solution reducing maintenance and running costs.