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Modified Shipping Containers with Insulation Coating


Lately, with the increase in permanent housing cost on the rise, office and living spaces built out of shipping containers have grown in popularity. As more people/ companies experiment with this trend, they have begun to realize that these containers present their own set of challenges in the conversion process. Space within these units, is at a premium and thus new materials have been identified to solve the unique set of challenges.


One of the primary issues is about insulation and energy efficiency. Mascoat, an insulating coatings company out of Houston, TX, has been offering a product that solves insulation and energy loss very effectively. The product, Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC, attacks heat or cold penetration before it ever enters the substrate. Its rapid spray application at 20 mils (0.5 mm) per coat can offer the same protection against the elements as conventional insulation, which starts at least at 0.5 inches.


Due to the surface of most containers being corrugated, the coating’s spray feature offers rapid application directly to the surface. This eliminates most space constrictive types of insulation. Best of all, the coating can be put on in a series of additional coats if needed to provide an extra insulation factor. Most applications are inside the containers, coat vertical walls, ceiling and floor spaces. Depending on the geographical location, an additional exterior coat may be recommended for the roof, due to the amount of heat gain that comes from the roof.


Recently, Mascoat was involved with Design Build Bluff, a project in southern Utah to test the feasibility of building living quarters out of shipping containers sponsored by the University of Utah. Designers were seeing surface temperatures of 145?F inside the container on a 90-95?F day. After one interior coat (20 mils), Mascoat was able to lower the interior surface temperature to within 15 degrees of the ambient conditions on a direct surface measure thermometer. After the application, the study identified a much more tolerable living environment. Due to the desert climate, an additional exterior coat was applied for added performance value.


Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC Thermal Insulating Coating is well proven, having been applied in a variety of unforgiving atmospheres around the world. The product has been tested to ASTM standards and exceeds most minimum criteria for weather-ability, adhesion, flexibility, and UV resistance. Additionally, it is Class A fire rated, providing a fire retardant feature as well. These features translate to unequaled bonding and durability for years to come