Technical Data

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Vessel Name: MS River Cruise Ship
Year completed:
Chesapeake Shipbuilding, Salisbury, MD
20-40 mils Mascoat Marine-DTM, 100 mils Mascoat Sound Control-dB
Time to complete:
Coating was applied via airless spray equipment with a 5-man crew in seven days by means of 3-5 full coats to various areas of decks, overheads, bulkheads and canopies


In February of 2012, Chesapeake Shipbuilding contacted a representative from Mascoat concerning sound issues in one of the ship’s lounges and several of the staterooms.


The vessel had two diesel engines and two generators running in the engine room, which was directly above the lounge, causing major sound and vibration problems. The ship was also experiencing vibrations and sound transfer irritations with the pumps. With their proximity being close to some of the staterooms, the owners became concerned and wanted to ensure that passengers were comfortable everywhere on board.


A Mascoat Specialist determined that 100 mils of Mascoat Sound Control-dB would be the ideal solution to keep the vessel quiet and the passengers happy.  Chesapeake Shipbuilding sprayed the coating on decks, bulkheads and some pipes to help stop the transfer of the noise.


After monitoring the results of Mascoat’s sound damping coating, the yard was enthusiastically pleased with the results.  So much so that they called the Mascoat representative and inquired about the Mascoat Marine-DTM Thermal Barrier Coating.


The cruise ship had also been experiencing solar loading problems on one of their outdoor metal canopies. After being exposed to the sun all day, it would become very hot, causing discomfort and an unsafe environment. The yard applied 1-2 coats (20-40 mils) of Mascoat Marine-DTM to the canopy, making the space under the canopy drastically cooler.


The company has reported that the interiors are much more comfortable with both of the coatings applied.