In an ever-increasing environmentally aware world, the benefits of choosing the right insulation solution for your application cannot be overstated. Different insulations are made from fundamentally unique materials, and not all of them perform equally well in the real world.

Optimize your application with high-quality Mascoat coatings, which outlast, and over time, outperform traditional insulating methods. Developed to curb energy loss while protecting vital equipment and personnel, our coatings are an innovative yet cost-effective insulating solution for substrates in industrial, marine, commercial and transportation sectors.

Spray On Insulation vs. Conventional Insulation

Disadvantages of Conventional Insulation

Conventional insulation types include cellular glass, perlite, mineral wool, fiberglass, urethane foam, closed cell foam, asbestos and calcium silicate.These create a barrier to slow heat conduction through substrates, but typically lose effectiveness over time. Other

  • Break down in moist, humid environments
  • Susceptibility to corrosion
  • Prone to mold or bacterial contamination
  • Difficult to install, especially around complex geometry.

Benefits of Using Mascoat Coatings

Mascoat’s insulating coatings, however, are uniquely engineered and manufactured in-house using reflective, low-emissivity, and low-transmittance technologies to offer true thermal insulation in a coating form. Developed from hollow ceramic glass particles, our coatings lessen heat transfer, reduce surface temperatures and reflect light-wave energy away from substrates and back into the atmosphere. In addition to their thermal advantages, the coatings also prevent the possibility of corrosion occurring, reducing the needs for maintenance over time.

Engineered to withstand the tests of time, Mascoat products offer a variety of benefits. Those include:

  • Improved temperature maintenance and facility efficiency
  • Thermal insulation up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit
  • No-crack response to expansion and contraction
  • Reduction or elimination of condensation.

Easy Application

Applying Mascoat coatings to your equipment is easy. While equipment or facility shutdowns are often required for installation of conventional insulation types, Mascoat coatings can be sprayed onto substrates while in use. And unlike those kinds of insulation, Mascoat’s coatings can be installed quickly with a minimum of equipment and manpower. Typically, crews between 4 and 8 people can quickly insulate storage tanks without the need for scaffolding.

Spray on Insulation Vs. Traditional Insulation

In addition, our coatings create a safer working environment by reducing heat-related injuries. Proven to reflect up to 85 percent of generated heat away from substrates, materials utilizing Mascoat coatings typically remain cool to the touch.

Enhance your process with high-performance coatings from Mascoat. With us, you’ll achieve rapid response, significant energy savings and increased personnel safety without the regular maintenance required by traditional insulating options.

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