The Mascoat Sound Control family is ideal for marine vessel, vehicle and factory equipment sound control. Designed to drastically temper structural noise caused by impact, vibration or noise, Mascoat sound damping insulation products are applied to a variety of substrates for optimal structure-borne noise reduction and sound safety.

Mascoat Sound Control-dB Applications

Trusted by shipyards, facilities and transportation companies worldwide, Mascoat Sound Control-dB is ideal for:

  • Yachts and leisure vessels
  • Barges and commercial watercraft
  • Industrial facilities and heavy machinery
  • Large trucks and cargo vehicles
  • Buses and public transportation
  • Power Plant


Shipyards and facility owners love Mascoat Sound Control products since they’re cost effective and easy to apply by spraying on in thin coats (20 mils wet-coat thickness). And since they’re designed with a paint-like consistency that cures quickly depending on ambient conditions, there’s no need to shut down equipment or take vehicles out of service for lengthy periods. Apply Mascoat Sound Control-dB directly to aluminum, stainless steel, brass or fiberglass, or supplement it with a primer for carbon steel substrates.

Other Advantages

In addition to superior sound and vibration dampening, Mascoat’s added product benefits include (1) prevention of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), (2) elimination of bulky tile insulation, (3) high-grade, permanent resin adherence, and (4) water-based, low-VOC formulation.

Use Mascoat’s anti-vibration products when you need to protect personnel from sound-related health problems while damping annoying noise. Contact the Mascoat team today to learn more about Mascoat Sound Control solutions and determine the best formulation for your specific application