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Company name: Withheld
Location: San Antonio, TX
Coating: Mascoat Industrial-AC
Reason for application: Eliminate condensation


School AC wth industrial coating

Mascoat recently helped four schools in the Northside Independent School District (NISD) in San Antonio, TX that were experiencing condensation on their air conditioning units due to the high temperatures and high humidity in South Texas. The air conditioners were experiencing a particularly large amount of condensation from mid-spring until mid-fall. The NISD found the risk of mold, mildew, and corrosion associated with condensation unacceptable and contacted Mascoat for a solution.


Before making a recommendation, our Mascoat representative asked the school district to identify the most extreme condition they would encounter. The NISD estimated that at the height of summer, the area around the air conditioning units would reach a dewpoint of 74?F (23.3?C).  After contacting the manufacturer of the units, it was determined that 100 mils (2.5 mm) of Mascoat anti-condensation insulating coating would be required to stop the condensation from forming.


The School District decided to conduct a test on a single unit before proceeding with the entire project. A small unit at Clark High School was selected for the test. Paradise Painting of San Antonio, TX was contracted for the job. In January of 2011, after thoroughly cleaning the unit with water, Paradise Painting applied five coats of Mascoat, in 20 mil coats, directly to the aluminum surface of the air conditioner. To ensure the coating application eliminated the condensation issue, NISD waited until June when the ambient temperature reached 74?F. When the unit arrived at that temperature, there was no condensation to be found.


The NISD immediately decided to coat all 12 of their units with 100 mils of Mascoat Industrial-AC. According to the district, Mascoat was able to save the schools $130,000 in materials and application costs compared to traditional insulation. Eliminating the condensation problem ended the concerns over mold and mildew, to which children are especially susceptible. All 12 air conditioners are currently in service, and the schools have not experienced any condensation, mold or mildew on any of the units.