Blessey Marine Services is an inland tank barge and towboat company based out of Harahan La. Their cargoes include residual fuels, asphalt, lubricating oils, petroleum feedstocks, refined petroleum products, petrochemicals and alcohols. Blessey helps all the major petro chemical companies get their cargo to the desired destination on time.


Around the start of 2012 Blessey launched a large-scale new build program to beef up their towboat fleet. Even though Blessey operates one of the youngest fleets in the industry they continue to build new vessels with the latest technology to help maintain their leadership in the industry. With new technology sometimes comes new issues. And with their new builds underway they noticed that some of the vessels were louder then they would have liked.


Blessey had installed new, larger engines then in the past and the new engines were creating a louder environment on the vessel then they were used to in the past. Since the company takes such good care of their crew, they decided to set out and find a way to quiet the boats down.


They were introduced to Mascoat Sound Control-DB. They spray applied coating was exactly what they company was looking for as it could be applied quickly to may areas and quiet the boats down with very little additional cost.


Blessey applied the coating the coating and immediately noticed a drastic drop in the noise levels of the boat. Not only in and around the engine room, but in the crew spaces and quarters as well. Ever since applying Mascoat Sound Control to the first boat, the company has been impressed and has implemented the new coating technology to each and every new build the fleet has constructed.