Mascoat’s new business development team closely monitors the pulse of the industry, identifying trends and opportunities to introduce its products to new regions and markets. One of these new markets is China. An emerging leader in energy conservation, China continues to search for new and innovative ways to reduce its carbon footprint and conserve energy while expanding its manufacturing and refining capacity.

Recognizing that spray-applied insulating coatings provide outstanding energy retention value, several businesses in China have partnered with Mascoat to make their energy consumption cleaner, more efficient and sustainable. To support these efforts and further the company’s goal to become a worldwide energy saving solutions provider, Mascoat recently opened an office in Beijing, becoming the first North American insulating coatings company to open an office in China. Mascoat’s Beijing office will provide the same superior service and outstanding customer support provided by offices in the U.S. and The Netherlands.

"China is a huge market for us," stated Gary Prasher, vice president of business operations for Mascoat. "They have many fast-paced industries that are growing rapidly. We have made great strides to help companies reduce their energy needs and keep processes as efficient as possible."

Mascoat has already completed several successful applications in China, and the Beijing sales team is working with major petrochemical refiners, food processors and other industries to reduce their energy usage through the use of insulating coatings.

For more information about Mascoat's operations in China, or to request a quote, please e-mail Mascoat China's manager, Zheng Chaogang, at