Technical Data

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The Alaskan ferry Kennicott, was undergoing refit at Cascade General’s yard in Portland, Oregon.  Over 400 gallons of Mascoat Marine-DTM were applied inside the port and starboard solariums for thermal barrier and condensation control.


The Kennicott was built by Halter Marine Group and began service in 1998.  The solarium deck was originally coated with Mascoat Marine-DTM to prevent condensation.  After the spaces were reconfigured and enlarged, a new coating was required. 


To prevent condensation and insulate the solariums, Mascoat Marine-DTM was applied at a thickness of 0.060” (1.5 mm).  A primer coat was applied over the steel and a white urethane used for a topcoat. Mascoat Marine-DTM consists of ceramic micro-beads and a latex binder, is normally applied at 40-60 mils (1.0 - 1.5 mm) total dry film thickness. 


The solariums were thoroughly cleaned, windows masked and floors covered with plastic sheeting and plywood.  Heaters were brought in to warm the interior steel surfaces above 50°F.  The space heaters kept the ambient room temperature above 70°F.  Higher temperatures can result in faster drying, allowing additional coats to be applied at shorter intervals.    


The water-based thermal barrier product has all required certifications for marine use by ABS, USCG, DNV, NK, Lloyd’s and Transport Canada.