Mascoat is pleased to announce that it has expanded its markets for insulating coatings to include the transportation industry. Using the experience and knowledge gained from over 10 years in the do-it-yourself automotive market, Mascoat has responded to the insulation needs of heavy-duty vehicles by formulating Mascoat Transportation-DTA. DTA has been specifically developed for original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers of tractor-trailers, RV’s, buses, emergency response vehicles, public service vehicles and rail cars.

DTA can stand up to the wear and tear associated with driving thousands of miles year after year. Able to withstand temperatures up to 400?F (200?C), the coating is the superior solution when trying to block solar and heat entry into the cabin or cargo area of a vehicle. Ideal applications include engine compartments, roofs, floors, side panels, interiors and underbody.

Unlike other thermal insulation options on the market today, Mascoat Transportation-DTA is also a one-part system. It is a lightweight, spray-applied coating that adheres to most any substrate, including fiberglass, aluminum, steel and plastic. It keeps temperatures in cabs and cargo areas more comfortable and stable at minimum thickness (0.5–2.0 mm). Other benefits include:

  • Non-combustible
  • Seamless membrane for substrate protection
  • Easily applied to irregular surfaces
  • Fast clean up with soap and water
  • Extremely low VOC content

Though Mascoat Transportation-DTA only adds 0.046 lbs/ ft2, as a secondary benefit, its direct bond to the substrate allows it to lessen surface borne noise. If sound is a primary concern, our Mascoat Sound Control-dB coating offers superior sound damping solutions. Both coatings may be used together to offer a premium sound damping and thermal insulation package.

For more information on Mascoat Transportation-DTA, please contact Paul McMillion. Paul is the Technical Director for Mascoat’s transportation coatings and may be reached at or 713.465.0304.