Utilized by boat builders worldwide for over a decade, Mascoat Sound Control-dB stands up to rugged water environments, protects your crew’s hearing and maximizes watercraft comfort for personnel and passengers. Solving noise and vibration problems aboard workboats, commercial vessels, military craft and ocean liners, the coating dramatically decreases hearing injury by damping noise before it becomes airborne.

Ruth M Reinauer Fast Temptress

In addition to improving workboat crew safety, Mascoat Sound Control-dB is also trusted by yacht and leisure vessel builders and owner. Each coating can be sprayed on quickly and efficiently, and requires minimal vessel downtime. Once applied, Mascoat coatings provide superior sound insulation for yacht and personal watercraft owners, making time onboard a quiet, comfortable experience. 

Inside Boat'

The coating is manufactured to meet and exceed OSHA’s hearing loss and sound transmission regulations, and is ideal for many watercraft substrates. Common uses include:

  • Engine rooms
  • Overheads
  • Pilothouses
  • Crew and passenger quarters
  • Decks
  • Bulkheads and hulls


Trusted by ship and vessel manufacturers around the globe, Mascoat’s superior products save time and space over traditional tile and blanket insulation systems. Call the Mascoat team today to find out which Sound Control product is best for your application, or to inquire about a specific pricing estimate.