Developed to meet the challenges of harsh marine environments, the Mascoat Marine product family is currently used on over 1,500 vessels around the globe—from barges and workboats to luxury yachts and military craft. Our coatings help ensure that all vessels are quiet and comfortable for all inhabitants.

Mascoat’s Marine anti-condensation coatings create a thermal barrier that improves equipment efficiency and prevents or reduces undesirable heat buildup and condensation aboard commercial, industrial and leisure watercrafts. Simply spray the low-VOC, water-based coatings onto sidewalls, stiffeners, overheads and other substrates to prevent condensation and maintain stable cargo and passenger temperatures.  

Marine Thermal Barrier Coating Uses

At Mascoat, we realize that watercraft builders, owners and operators deal with a number of practical concerns when it comes to thermal protection. First, corrosion, mold and mildew are regular problems in consistently moist environments. In addition, traditional insulation tends to absorb moisture, causing hazardous conditions as water drips onto boat walls and vessel floors. That’s why our engineering team has developed marine-specific products that (1) resist water buildup, (2) prevent corrosion under insulation (CUI), and (3) create safe environments for crew and passengers.  

At Mascoat, our marine thermal barrier coating product lines are developed to solve the unique insulation requirements of the maritime industry.

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