LizardSkin insulation was developed by Mascoat working closely with car and truck enthusiasts who were interested in engineering a more efficient car insulation coating than conventional products at the time. The outcome was LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation to control thermal transfer and LizardSkin Sound Control to control vibration and noise. This automotive ceramic insulation is simpler and more efficient than installing cut-and-paste insulation systems. Since LizardSkin is applied like paint, using shop air, every last drop can be applied to the vehicle with ease. Unlike the mat-style products, there won’t be any corners or seams that can’t be protected.

To learn more about LizardSkin and how it can keep your ride cool and quiet, please use the link below.

Link to LizardSkin Car Insulation Website

Looking for a thermal solution for larger vehicles?

Mascoat Transportation-DTA is perfect for OEM vehicles needing thermal insulation solution. The coating is easy to apply on tractors, buses, RVs, trains, tractor trailers and other large vehicles.