Technical Data

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During the intense heat waves that scorch Texas, Kinder Morgan began to experience a potential safety hazard at the Galena Park/Pasadena terminal. The facility housed many control stations within stainless steel cabinets, containing electrical equipment necessary for the terminal to function properly.

During the heat of the day with direct sunlight, the stainless steel casing surrounding the cabinets measured in excess of 145?F (62?C), creating an oven effect inside. The high temperatures would cause an outage of many of the safety systems, causing personnel protection concerns for the facility’s staff.

Kinder Morgan originally attempted to solve the problem by installing small air conditioning units inside the cabinets; however, it became costly and difficult to maintain. After hearing about Mascoat’s high reflectivity coating, Mascoat Industrial-HR, the company sought out a more cost-effective solution and turned to Mascoat for a trial application.

The coating was applied directly to a stainless steel casing with no need for a primer, only a simple wash, prior to application. After just one 20 mil (0.5 mm) coat of MI-HR, the internal temperature dropped to less than 120?F (49?C).

The facility’s personnel were pleased with the new, cooler temperatures, which eliminated the problem of experiencing outages of their safety systems. After the trial’s successes, MI-HR was applied to dozens of the other units around the plant.