Technical Data

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Company Name: Withheld
Location: Louisiana, USA
Coating: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Thickness: 80-100 mils (2.0-2.5 mm)
Reason for Application: Energy retention, prevent corrosion under insulation


Sugar Mill with Insulation Coating


Because of Corrosion Under Insulation, a sugar mill in Louisiana had to replace a juice heater in its refinery. The juice heater was irreparably damaged due to moisture invading the space between the insulation and the heater wall. Also, the insulation’s abilities were severely affected because of the moisture, resulting in the juice being out of the process temperature. This caused disruptions in their refining process. When the heater was replaced, the plant manager was determined to not see another juice heater deteriorate to the point of failure because of insulation. Through his search for a solution, he found Mascoat Industrial-DTI Thermal Insulating Coating, manufactured by Mascoat in Houston, TX.


Since the coating is spray-applied directly to the substrate, there is no room for moisture to collect between the insulation and the substrate. This effectively stops Corrosion Under Insulation, protecting the new heater, while at the same time providing the insulation abilities needed to keep the refinery process on schedule. It seemed to the plant manager that this would solve his problems.


A two-man crew coated the new heater with 80 to 100 mils (2.0 – 2.5 mm) of Mascoat Industrial-DTI over two days prior to the start of the next sugar season. After application, the client saw that the coating would also give personnel constant inspectability of the substrate at all times, thus easing more of their maintenance concerns. Once the juice heater was placed into service, the client reported that the insulating power of Mascoat Industrial-DTI was identical to the 2 inches of brand new fiberglass batt insulation previously used on the heater.