Mascoat Industrial-DTI can be applied directly on top of a primed surface in 20 mils (0.5 mm) coats to areas that are prone to Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). By applying the coating, an insulating quality is achieved as well added substrate protection. This coating can be built up to higher dry film thicknesses bringing temperatures well within personnel protection needs. Mascoat’s coatings are all water-based, non-combustible, and have no toxic concerns.

Mascoat Industrial-DTI offers insulation qualities in specific applications and due to its low permeability rating; it minimizes the permeation of moisture and chemicals to the surface of the steel.  Using this product alone does not eliminate the need to use a high-performance primer. Proper surface preparation, as well as a proper primer selection, will provide extended service life for the steel substrate. 

Mascoat coatings enable the specifiers to consider several alternate primers to meet the specific project requirements. It can also be top-coated in harsh atmospheres or where chemical exposure warrants a protective finish coating.

Applying Mascoat Industrial DTI for CUI Prevention

For new applications, the simple steps include eliminating CUI:

  • Properly prepare the surface with sandblasting, sanding or water-blasting.
  • Use the appropriate primer system that is within temperature specifications.
  • Apply Mascoat Industrial-DTI in 0.5 mm coats (depending on ambient conditions.)
  • Repeat Mascoat Industrial-DTI application if needed to reduce temperatures even more or apply conventional insulation in extreme circumstances that dictate a combination system.
  • Use a top-coating if needed for chemical resistance.


For areas that have already generated Corrosion Under the Insulation:

  • Power tool clean or blast substrate to good metal.
  • Use a rust neutralizer to stop rusting process. This can be a phosphoric acid based product or a rust converter that converts the rust into a primer system.
  • Apply a primer system that can withstand temperature specifications.
  • Apply Mascoat Industrial-DTI as directed above.
  • Use a top-coating if needed for chemical resistance.


By using the engineered system approach above, substrates now are fully protected in most all environments for years into the future. These coatings have been well proven used in conjunction as an effective deterrent for CUI and also allow for easy inspection for plant and maintenance managers. Their cost is normally dramatically less both long and short-term and can be applied on working substrates, eliminating shutdown once properly prepared. For more information on how Mascoating Industrial-DTI can prevent CUI, contact Mascoat today!