Technical Data

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Company name: Withheld
Project: Toodyay House
Coating used: Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC
Thickness:0.5 mm
Reason for application: Reduce solar heat gain and reduce heating and cooling costs by retaining heat and cool


House Application

The thermal properties of Mascoat Weatherbloc-IC make it a prime insulation solution on roofs and walls of most type dwellings or commercial buildings.  Its ability to effectively reduce solar heat gain, and heat/cold transfer, drastically reduces the need to input great amounts of energy in the home associated with running air conditioners and heaters. With the cost of electricity rising, people are searching for more cost-effective ways of heating and cooling their homes.


Wanting to effectively insulate on a renovation, a Toodyay contractor chose to use Mascoat Weatherbloc-IC to externally cover the walls and roof surfaces of his property to add to the thermal efficiency of the house. As a result, while being fitted with a reverse cycle air conditioner, the home rarely needs to the run the unit as the internal temperature stays relatively constant and comfortable reducing energy costs associated with running climate control units.


Mascoat can also be tinted to a range of colors to complement existing structures and work in line with customer requirements.

House ApplicationHouse Application









“Since the application, I have noticed a huge improvement in not only the heat that has been reduced inside the house, but also the amount of heat that was radiated from the walls outside. The coating did exactly what is claimed to be able to achieve.”

Ron Jones – Gypfix – Homeowner