Technical Data

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Company name: Shell Refining
Location: Gonzales, LA USA
Coating used: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Applicator: Shell's Maintenance Painting Crew
Thickness: 60-80 mils (1.5-2.0 mm)
Reason for application: Personnel protection and energy retention


Heat Exchanger

Shell Refining in Gonzales, LA, USA was having a problem with one of their heat exchangers, in that the constant buildup of Corrosion Under Insulation was requiring them to replace the substrate and insulation on a regular basis. When engineers at the plant heard about Mascoat Industrial-DTI, they were immediately interested in its potential for their application. Their interest was not just because of the coating’s CUI prevention abilities, but also because of the quick installation time that the coating can offer. The substrate, before application of DTI, was measured at 200°F. After application of 60-80 mils (1.5-2.0 mm), the surface temperature of the exchanger was measured at 100°F, well within personnel protection limits.


The plant manager of the Gonzales complex was pleased with the performance of the coating, but just as important, the ability to inspect the heat exchanger without tearing off the insulation.




 “The performance of Mascoat Industrial-DTI has provided me with insulation qualities for personnel protection without the negative effects of CUI. I found that its use is equal in performance to 2” of standard insulation with jacketing.”


— Plant Manager, Shell Refining, Gonzalez, LA