What are HAB Livability Standards?

The ABS Guide for Crew Habitability on Ships was developed with the objective of improving the quality of crew member performance and comfort by improving working and living environments in terms of accommodation area design and ambient environmental qualities.

ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) LogoHAB criteria assess six major areas to determine a ship’s habitability, including accommodation areas, whole-body vibration, noise, indoor climate, and lighting. There are three levels a ship can obtain on this scale, including Ship Habitability (HAB), Ship Habitability Plus (HAB+), and Habitability Plus Plus (HAB++). Having a vessel that meets HAB++ standards means that the ship has obtained the most stringent accommodation criteria. Mascoat’s sound control solutions can help your vessel comply with HAB++ standards, making your ship the most comfortable and safe for your crew.

How can Mascoat help your vessel meet the various HAB Standards?

Mascoat’s sound control solutions specifically address Accommodation Areas, Noise, and Whole-Body Vibration issues for ships. Frequent vibrations can disturb passengers and crew as they work, play and sleep.

Our Sound Control-dB coating is a spray-on insulation coating designed to reduce noise and vibration caused by resonating metal. Usually applied heaviest in engine and bow thruster compartments and lighter applications throughout crew areas, the coating can help to reduce the effects throughout the entire vessel in an easy-to-apply, one-part coating form. It’s so effective that the US Coast Guard decided to replace floating floors with the Sound Control-dB coating because it offered similar damping effects without the corrosion maintenance issues associated with floating floors

VBS Brackets

We also offer our VBS isolation mounts, which meet HAB++ standards for livability, by reducing the rattling noise ceiling tiles can cause while underway. Our VBS isolation mounts eliminate metal-to-metal contact, which reduces noise and vibration throughout a ship. With no need for multiple bits to attach brackets and tighten locking pins, installation of VBS isolation mounts is quick and simple. They can reduce labor costs by as much as 50 percent when compared to rigid mounting systems. Brackets are available in 25- and 50-millimeter heights and can be used with most existing rail systems.

Insulating Coating on Storage Tank HAB Standards for Marine Vessels


What Vessels do HAB Standards Apply to?

  • Oil or chemical tankers
  • Bulk or combination carriers
  • Container carriers
  • Multi-purpose cargo vessels
  • Crew areas on passenger vessels

Learn more about the specific criteria used to assess livability standards from the ABS. Link to:

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