Technical Data

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Owner: Name withheld
Location: Florida, USA
Year completed: 2007
Coating used: Inorganic Zinc Primer and Mascoat Sound Control-dB Coating at 60 mils (1.5 mm)
Decibel Reduction: 10-15 dB


A power company in Florida recently applied 400 gallons of Mascoat Sound Control-dB Coating, made by Mascoat of Houston, TX, to a metal housing encasing a generator. The primary reason for sound damping insulation is personnel protection from loud, ear-damaging sound produced by the generator.


When a generator unexpectedly burned out at the power company, it was decided that it was the right time to update and refurbish the generator and the structures surrounding it. One problem identified in the renovation of the unit and the structure was the sound levels. In the past, the power company had been using tile insulation to help deter sound propagation and resonance problems in the generator structure. After researching alternatives, plant engineers deemed that Mascoat Sound Control-dB was a better option than conventional sound damping material that was glued to the walls previously.


When it was time to take down the traditional insulating materials, workers had to pry off the tiles and grind off the adhesive that had taken many painstaking hours to install in the first place. Instead of repeating the time-intensive task of re-installing the tiles, Mascoat Sound Control-dB was applied in a fraction of the time because it is sprayed on, just like paint.


Mascoat Sound Control-dB has special materials encapsulated in a high-grade acrylic-based binder. The cutting-edge technology within the coating provides noise reduction & sound damping across the various frequency ranges. Mascoat Sound Control-dB was specifically tailored to control this transmission, turning the energy into low-grade heat. By coating the metal enclosure or housing of the generator with Mascoat Sound Control-dB, the blaring noises produced by the generator are effectively “killed” before reaching the ears of personnel working around the structure.


After the unit had been put back into service for a few months, engineers and workers alike at the power generating plant have said that the noise levels are at the same level or less as when the tile-type insulation was used. The engineers and maintenance crews said that the ease of application will ensure that Mascoat Sound Control-dB will be used on many future projects at the plant.

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