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Subject: Application of Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Problems: Extreme product loss due to vapor loss
Product: Mascoat Industrial-DTI 
Dry Film Thickness: 20mils
Ambient Conditions: Summer 38°C, Winter -10°C
Date: 2006


In 2006, a certified distributor of Mascoat in China began working with a Chinese petroleum company to help them save energy and money with ceramic thermal insulating coatings.


The company was losing a tremendous amount of gasoline due to vapor loss inside their storage tanks. During one preliminary study, one 10,000-ton (2.3 million gallons) gas tank was losing 32,000 gallons of fuel per day. This was measured by inputting fuel and documenting the amount introduced. After 24 hours with ambient heat load on the tank, the fuel gauge was checked and showed an approximate loss of 32,000 gallons. After Mascoat worked closely with the company’s engineers to find a solution, it was decided to coat the tank with 20mils of Mascoat Industrial-DTI. Since the tank is in the desert and was previously coated with a protective paint, all that was need was a light pressure wash and the thermal insulating coating was applied. Given the rapid application nature of the coating, it took five men only seven days to complete the application.


After the coating had fully cured, another test was run following the same procedure as before. The engineers were pleased to find that there was no noticeable loss of product due to vapor loss. To prove the value of the coatings, the tank was left for an additional three days to see if there was any vapor loss over time. There was none found and the engineers calculated their return on investment on the one tank to be less than one month.


Since the preliminary test’s success, our Chinese distributor has coated more than 100 vessels and tanks, and has many more projects planned for the future.