Technical Data

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Company name: Withheld
Project: Brewery pipework and vessel coating
Coating used: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Thickness:3.0 mm
Reason for application: Personnel protection, reduction in heat transfer/energy loss & CUI

Pipework before Industrial-DTI Coatingpipework after Industrial-DTI Coating


A Perth Brewing Company approached Mascoat to provide a solution for personnel protection, energy retention, and reduction in heat loss on their pipework and vessels. During production, temperatures would reach in excess of 120°C posing hazards for personnel on site. Secondly, conventional insulating techniques had been ineffective as they absorbed moisture promoting bacterial growth, losing their thermal capabilities and leaving equipment exposed to corrosion.


Vessel after Industrial-DTI Coating


Analysis with Mascoat experts deemed the Mascoat Industrial-DTI a superior choice in that it could be applied directly to the hot surface resulting in no downtime for production. Additionally, it bound directly to the pipework surface preventing any moisture from being able to come in contact with the coated surface and the risk of corrosion. The application significantly reduced heat transfer to the external surface retaining it for processing. This heat retention also translated to cost savings for energy input being greatly reduced.


Mascoat Industrial-DTI was applied at a thickness of 3.0 mm to effectively reduce heat transfer providing personnel protection onsite and meeting the customer’s specific requirements. The longevity of DTI also meant a saving in downtime and costs associated maintenance, which is generally required for Conventional Insulation material.