Research and Development

Our Research and Development team is led by insulating coatings pioneer George More at the Mascoat corporate location in Houston, TX. We manufacture 100% of our products in-house, which allows us to oversee every detail of product development and ensure that the highest level of quality is maintained throughout the process. All Mascoat coatings undergo multiple rigorous and independent testing procedures to ensure performance. We work closely with accredited third-party organizations such as Underwriter's Laboratory, Southwest Research Institute, Noise Control Engineering and MAS Green Labs. We also conduct detailed, in-house research and testing that exceeds industry standard testing, in order to verify our coatings' performance.

Mascoat is the first and only insulating coatings manufacturer to conclusively prove, in addition to a study presented to NACE, that our coatings are effective and successful in protecting personnel from burns in the workplace. This study along with our personnel protection line of coatings will help plant and facility managers reduce recordable injury rates, save time and money.

Thermal Engineering and Forecasting

We are the only insulating coatings company on the market today that employs a thermal engineer, allowing Mascoat to accurately forecast how our coatings will perform on any substrate, in any circumstance. Taking into account environmental conditions, substrate geometry, product type and temperature, we can also provide clients with a Thermal Analysis Report that estimates required product quantity, efficiency improvements, personnel protection and energy savings. In energy retention applications, clients also learn when they can expect a return on their Mascoat investment. For more information, please contact Mascoat today!