Ideal for the food processing environment, the family of Mascoat industrial coatings provides safe, effective thermal insulation and condensation protection for all substrates, including commercial fryers and cookers, storage tanks and sterilizers, and pipework for breweries. And while conventional insulation options often require equipment shutdown, Mascoat coatings can be sprayed onto working substrates without forcing costly equipment downtime.

In addition to their ease of application, Mascoat coatings perform well when exposed to the condensation and humidity present in food processing factories. Traditional insulation options break down in moist environments, and cannot protect against corrosion, mold or bacterial contamination. Mascoat coatings withstand regular cleaning without the need for maintenance or regular reapplication.

Food Processing Thermal Insulation

Mascoat Benefits:

With Mascoat Industrial products, food and beverage manufacturers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Thermal insulation up to 375°F (190?C)
  • Food-safe, NSF-approved coverage
  • Reduction in facility-wide energy costs
  • Reduction or elimination of condensation
  • Convenient spray-on application for hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Elastomeric expansion and contraction that prevents cracking
  • Enhanced performance of heating and cooking equipment
  • Surface adherence that eliminates Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)


In addition to their efficient, cost-effective coverage, Mascoat Industrial coatings create a safer environment for food processing employees. Their powerful, insulative value provides a significant reduction in the exterior temperature of melting tanks and cooking equipment, preventing accidental burns and dangerous, heat-related injuries.

Industrial Products

Mascoat offers three different products for industrial applications. All of these products are sold in 5-gallon pails and can be purchased by filling out our Request More Information form.


At Mascoat, it’s our goal to provide industry-best solutions for your food processing environment—from increased energy efficiency to enhanced crew safety. Contact us today to inquire about pricing or discuss how the Mascoat family can meet the needs of your food and beverage processing plant.