Technical Data

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Owner: Breaux Brothers, Galliano, LA, USA
Vessel: Fast Temptress
Year completed: 2006
Coating used: Inorganic Zinc Primer and Mascoat Sound Control-dB Coating at 60 mils (1.5 mm)
Decibel Reduction: 10-15 dB

Fast Crew Boat with Insulation Coating


When Edison Chouest of Galliano (ECO), LA commissioned their newest offshore personnel transport ship, the 165-foot High-Speed Crew Boat Fast Temptress built by Breaux Brothers, LLC of Laurelville, LA, the company knew that high noise levels and mechanical structural noise were issues they wanted to address. Options were limited mainly to conventional tile materials. However, ECO was looking for an alternative solution because of weight issues. ECO proposed that the Breaux Brothers explore a new sound damping coating, Mascoat Sound Control-dB Coating, on their latest construction. After independently researching the coating, the owners of Breaux Brothers decided to use it throughout the living spaces when the boat was constructed. After the boat was delivered, it was clear that Mascoat Sound ControldB was the best choice for quality sound suppression that doesn’t add a great deal of weight.


After coating with Mascoat Sound Control-dB, a dramatic noise differential vs. past boats constructed by Breaux was observed. During one sea trial in November of 2006, that difference was shown between coated and uncoated sections of the boat. In fact, ECO’s new delivery captain, who had piloted many of the other 165’ Fast Supply Vessels in the fleet, commented that he had to re-learn how to drive the boat, as the auditory feedback of the engines was not prevalent like it used to be.


The real validation of this sea trial came from crews that have been on other similar ships made by the same company. All reported that the boat was incredibly quiet at all times during the trials. Vic Breaux of Breaux Brothers reported that he has seen no other product for the price that can be applied to a vessel in a short time frame with that much noticeable difference. All crew members from Edison Chouest Offshore were very pleased with the interior atmosphere and were very comfortable with the noise levels dampened by Mascoat Sound Control-dB.