Company name: Withheld
Project: Electronic distribution cabinets
Coating used: Mascoat Industrial-DTI and acrylic top coat
Thickness: 0.5 mm
Reason for application: Reduction of solar heat gain to maintain steadier, cooler internal temperatures


Electrical Cabinet





Mascoat’s specialized insulating coatings are an ideal application for industrial facilities and provide personnel protection from hot surfaces. Best of all, they also provide superior energy retention and protect against CUI.


Electronic distribution cabinets are used within many industrial type projects and facilities to provide electricity and power management. In open areas, they are adversely affected by harsh weather conditions including extreme temperature. Ambient conditions can reach in excess of 40°C with internal temperatures reaching as high as 65°C.  

Electrical Cabinet

As a result, these cabinets absorb a great deal of heat conductivity through the electrical equipment inside. Also producing electrical failures and overheating, causing delays within projects and equipment failure. These delays are costly and time consuming, requiring regular maintenance and replacement of damaged components.

To combat the problem, the cabinets were coated with 0.5 mm of Mascoat Industrial–DTI.  As an added benefit, a U.V. resistant acrylic sealer was also applied to give additional protection from dust, dirt and other debris.





Electrical Cabinet




DTI drastically reduced the solar heat gain of the electrical cabinets, eliminating the costly need for the electric components to overwork to compensate for harsh conditions. The coating was easy to apply and allowed the facility to remain in operation during application and has lowered the cost of routine maintenance and repairs, offering a high ROI.


Mascoat’s coatings may also be tinted to a variety of colors to match the surrounding areas or aid solar heat gain (e.g. white being reflective). In addition, they can be sealed and top coated if required while still maintaining their thermal properties to reduce solar heat gain.