Technical Data

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Company: WR Grace
Year Completed: 2012
Plant Location: Baltimore, MD
Reason for coating: CUI, condensation, and energy retention
Coating used: Mascoat Industrial-DTI 120 mils
Time to complete: Coating was applied via airless spray equipment with a 3-man crew in two days.


Ductwork Condensation

In late 2011, WR Grace, a global leader in chemical supply, met with a representative from Mascoat about a few issues they were experiencing with some of their outdoor ventilation ducts in their Baltimore, MD facility.


The first issue was that the duct was having condensation occur from the inside and the outside.  Due to the fact that the duct had a long run outside, it was losing too much heat and would promote condensation. They were looking for an insulation that would hold up better in their environment and keep the gasses on the inside of the duct warmer and stop it from sweating.  They were also having condensation forming on the outside of the duct under the insulation, causing CUI and hindering the performance of the existing conventional insulation.


The other problem that Grace was experiencing was that the insulation would fall off over time. Due to the heavy vibration that the duct as experiencing, the conventional insulation would eventually vibrate right off. Grace had tried many ways to stop this from happening, from fasteners to other methods to hold the insulation on, and found none of the solutions right from them,


After applying 120 mils of Mascoat Industrial-DTI to the ductwork Grace found that they were not experiencing any of the condensation issues. The insulation was staying dry and no CUI was forming. They also noted that there were no adhesion issues with the Mascoat like they were seeing with the conventional insulation. Grace was very excited about the results and has plans to coat more ductwork. They are currently looking for other applications within the plant to utilize the Mascoat line of coatings.