Technical Data

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Company Name:  New Zealand Industrial facility
Ducting Application
Coating used
: Mascoat Sound Control - dB
2.5 mm
Reason for application:
Reduce vibrational noise and corrosion protection


Within an industrial facility, ducting can be extensive, inaccessible and difficult to insulate with conventional sound damping material, these bulky insulations can also promote corrosion under insulation (CUI) when they absorb moisture reducing their overall performance.


Mascoat Sound Control - dB coating is an effective insulator against vibrational noise. It tackles vibrational noise primarily before its airborne release minimizing vibrations, structural noise, significantly increasing safety and comfort for those in the vicinity. Secondly, its water-based formula is safe and easy to apply and once dried, will not absorb moisture providing longevity and inhibiting CUI.


A New Zealand based operations company utilized ducting systems within many areas of their facility. During operation these ducts vibrated as hot air passes through them causing noisy conditions for employees and impacted on-site noise requirements. A Mascoat Specialist conducted an assessment of the ducting and recommended using Mascoat’s sound dampening coating. This coating was then applied to the ducting at a thickness of approximately 2.5 mm (5 coats of 0.5 mm each).


After the application was completed there was a noticeable difference in the vibrational sound transmission of the ducting, allowing for more comfortable working conditions for employees and adherence to site noise requirements.