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Cruise West operates boutique cruise ship excursions in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, California, Japan, Latin America and the South Pacific.  Their 295’ flagship vessel, Spirit of Oceanus, was scheduled for work at Lake Union Drydock in Seattle and working with a tight deadline to get back in operation.  The owner’s suite was scheduled for an expansion involving new exterior walls and overhead fabrication with steel cutting and welding taking place throughout the new space.   Reducing noise from adjacent AC equipment located on adjacent exterior walls was also important. 



For condensation control, Mascoat Marine-DTM was applied at a thickness of 60 mils (0.060”) in 3 coats on overheads and inside surfaces of exterior walls.  To reduce interior noise from AC equipment, 40 mils (0.040”) of heavy mineral-loaded latex, Mascoat Sound Control-dB was applied as a base coat on adjoining walls. 




The coatings were applied during the graveyard shift opposite of steel cutting and welding that was taking place inside and outside bulkheads and overheads during the day.  Window and door sections scheduled for cutting were masked off. 




However, a substantial amount of cutting and welding took place after coatings were already applied.  Fortunately, Mascoat Marine-DTM is classified, by Lloyd's Register, as a fire retardant coating.  Any burns from cutting directly on coated surfaces or welds on the backside are small (1/2" to 1" wide) and easily repaired by slicing or grinding and recoating.  Coating repair is the Mascoat Small Application Sprayer.  The net result of applying the coating while repair work or fabrication is in process is faster turnaround time.  Because Mascoat Marine-DTM is not subject to damage like traditional insulations, they fit right into the critical path, instead of requiring additional application time.  That helps eliminate costly man-hours, even days off yard work.