Owner: Disney Cruise Lines
Vessel: Disney Wonder
Year completed: 2006
Coating used: International Primer (inorganic zinc) at 3 mils, Mascoat Marine-DTM at 80 mils (2.0 mm)
Time to complete: Coating was applied via airless spray equipment with a 5-man crew in five consecutive days. 3 full coats were applied to each deck level. The top coating used was Urethane at 7 mils.
Classification Society: Lloyd’s Register



When Disney® Cruise Line unveiled it newest ship in 1999, the Disney Wonder, they didn’t think of having a gym area for the crew in the bow of the ship. After two years of operation, Disney management decided to add this workout facility to their vessel. The main problem during construction was they only had a set amount of time to accomplish this and the space had to be insulated from the affects of solar (radiant) heat gain efficiently without using a finish wall system. It was also considered that the insulation had to be accepted by Lloyd’s Register and be within International Marine Organization (IMO) Guidelines.


The engineering staff of Disney visited with Mascoat at a marine trade show and identified that Mascoat’s Marine-DTM Anti-Condensation Coating could possibly be a perfect fit for their retrofit application. Mascoat’s in-house thermal engineering staff identified that 80 mils (2.0 mm) of Mascoat Marine-DTM could be applied to the Wonder in a series of “coat” applications. In fact, the vessel was coated underway on a cruise with paying customers on board. The staff immediately reported that the coated gym space was cooler and, most importantly, solved Disney’s needs for a habitable gym space in a short amount of time. Disney is now looking to specify the coating in its next build programs.