Technical Data

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Company Name: Corry Contract

Year completed:  2012

Plant Location: Corry PA

Reason for coating: Sound damping

Coating used: Mascoat Sound Control-dB

Time to complete: Various depending on Project.


Mascoat Sound Control-dB coating used on Corry Contract

Corry Contract located in Pennsylvania is a precision manufacturer of metal products, including file cabinets, electronic enclosures, and other large metal pieces for industries such as mass transit and the postal service.


Many of the pieces can be noisy when used or moved around due to the fact that they are all-metal construction. Most of the time, this is not an issue, but only a part of having a piece of metal equipment.


Other times, they come across a project where the customer requests that the piece of the equipment not be so noisy, or require that the piece not transmit as much sound as they typically will. To get rid of this “drum noise” effect, Corry turned to Mascot and specifically their Mascoat Sound Control-dB coating.


After trying this out on a metal enclosure, they immediately knew that the coating was a solution that they could easily employ into their production line. As soon as it was coated, they reported that the noise level dropped significantly during normal operation. And the fact that the coating was quick and easy to apply was an added bonus for the company.


Corry has utilized the sound damping coating on various pieces of equipment and has been manufacturing quieter metal pieces ever since.