Company name:  Withheld                                                                      
Converted sea container offices/storage                                            
Coating used: 
Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC                                                
0.5 mm                                                                             
Reason for application:  Corrosion protection and solar heat gain reduction                                                                                                         

Mascoat’s WeatherBloc-IC is specifically designed for both residential and commercial applications by creating an insulating barrier, which drastically reduces heat transfer.  Direct adherence to the applied surface, prevents moisture absorption inhibiting corrosion. Its application has been widely utilized on electrical cabinets, mobile transportation, accommodation units, shipping containers and offices.

As part of a remote onshore gas processing facility located in the harsh region of North Western Australia, office facilities were created from converted containers. Extreme temperatures are common which creates solar heat gain within the containers resulting in the overuse of air-conditioning systems to reduce internal temperatures which can often exceed 55°C within uncoated and non air-conditioned units.

Mascoat’s WeatherBloc-IC reduced the overall solar heat gain providing much cooler internal temperatures in line with the client’s requirements and reduced the load on air-conditioning units. By applying the coating to the roof and walls, gave the most desirable results. This long lasting thermal barrier also aided in inhibition of corrosion by directly adhering to the surface creating a moisture barrier between the coated steel surface and external elements.

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