Technical Data

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Substrate: Steel

Coating:  Mascoat Sound Control – dB and Mascoat Marine - DTM

Reason of application: Personnel protection for hearing loss and condensation control 


Control ContainerOn many marine support vessels, electrical controls and generators are housed in a small container, similar to a shipping container. Due to the generators inside, these containers produce unwanted noises and vibrations that can reverberate throughout the vessel. Traditional insulation works well to absorb airborne noise, but it is difficult to apply and extremely space consuming. When all the equipment is placed inside, there is hardly any space left for any type of conventional insulation. If the containers are not insulated, the noise is very unpleasant and can even lead to hearing loss, a major personnel protection issue on vessels.


One company in The Netherlands that was having this problem turned to Mascoat because of the company’s extremely thin sound damping coating. Sound Control-dB was applied at a thickness of 2 mm to reduce structural and vibration noise before it could be transferred out of the container.  Mascoat was also able to help with condensation issues they were having on these containers. The condensation was due to the large temperature differentials from the generator running inside and the cold air outside. 2 coats of Mascoat Marine-DTM thermal barrier coating was installed on top of the Sound Control, solving both noise and condensation with just 3 mm of coating.