Technical Data

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Company: Withheld
Location: Perth, Australia
Material: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Thickness: 50 mils (1.25 mm)
Reason for application: Personnel protection


Condensate Tank


A company in Perth Australia was running into a problem with one of their condensate tanks running too hot for personnel to be working directly around the tank. This tank produces steam for power generation, so it has to run hot to do its job effectively. It’s surface temperature was measured at 120°C (248°F), which would cause scalding burns to any skin that came in contact with the surface. The company contacted DeltaCoat, a certified distributor for Mascoat’s insulating coatings when the company approached DeltaCoat about Mascoat Industrial-DTI, DeltaCoat said that it would be a perfect fit. The coating can be applied rapidly and thinly, yet producing similar results to conventional insulation.


The coating was applied at a thickness of 1.25 mm in two coats to the condensate tank. The end result was that the temperature was brought down to 40°C (104°F), well within personnel protection limits for the company. An added bonus to the application was that the condensate tank was now producing 30% more steam using the same amount of energy. This particular application is a prime example of how effective Mascoat Industrial-DTI can be at minimal thicknesses, not only for personnel protection, but also for energy retention.