Technical Data

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The surface of a condensate tank in South Texas was consistently around 190°F (87°C,) well above personnel protection limits. To protect the crew’s safety, the plant originally tried traditional insulation; however, water often spilled out of the top of the tank while it was in service. The water would saturate the traditional insulation, dramatically reducing its effectiveness and causing corrosion under insulation (CUI).


To help find a solution, the plant’s head engineer contacted Mascoat. Mascoat’s unique thermal analysis program was able to recommend a custom plan specific to resolving the plant’s problems. After applying 100-120 mils of Mascoat Industrial-DTI, the plant was able to provide personnel protection required by governing standards and increase the tank’s energy retention.


Four months after the finishing the project, Mascoat performed a series of post-application inspections showing the following results:


Surface Temperature of Uncoated Area – 180°F
Surface Temperature of Coated Area
– 133°F
Ambient Temperature
: 79°F
Coating Dry Film Thickness
- 100-120 mils
Coating Adhesion
– Good
Chalking or Other Coating Deterioration
– None


The tank is still in service today; Mascoat’s DTI coating has exceeded the client’s expectations and they have been very pleased with the performance and results of its application.