Designers and builders choose the Mascoat WeatherBloc-HRC line as a cost-effective, convenient alternative to conventional insulation for their commercial insulation needs. WeatherBloc products offer space-saving, low-maintenance thermal protection that installs easily, cures quickly and eliminates equipment and facility downtime during application.

Insulating oversized buildings can be time-consuming and expensive, but the WeatherBloc family of coatings are spray-applied for fast, simple coverage. Suitable for a variety of substrates, the coatings work well for large commercial structures like warehouses, industrial facilities and factories. In addition, they’re easy to use in tight spaces and on uneven surfaces like corrugated shipping containers, since they’re applied at 20 mils (0.5 mm) at a time up to a thickness of 40 mils (1.0mm). Conventional insulation can be up to 1 inch thick, making it less desirable in areas where space is at a premium.

Large Structure Insulation

In addition to its space-saving design, the WeatherBlocproduct family comes with a variety of other advantages. Benefits to insulating your plant, mill or converted storage container with WeatherBloc coatings include:

  • Reduction or elimination of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
  • Thermal protection and interior temperature regulation
  • Superior durability, weather-ability and UV resistance
  • Reduced utility costs
  • Versatility in insulating roofs, siding, attics, crawlspaces and masonry


Engineered to save you money and time, the Mascoat WeatherBloc-line is trusted by industrial and commercial building owners worldwide. Call or email today for a detailed project bid, or to discuss your application with our qualified representatives.

Weatherbloc Insulation Commercial Insulation Coating