Technical Data

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Company: Food Company- name withheld
Application: Cocoa bean crusher
Material: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Thickness: 3.5 mm
Topcoating: Anti-bacterial coating
Temperature: 60-85?C
Results: 33?C drop in temperature

Cocoa Bean Crusher Insulation

Reasons for applying Mascoat Industrial-DTI:

  • Personnel protection
  • Energy retention
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Easy to clean with chemicals commonly used in the food industry
  • Inspectability of substrate
  • Reduction of radiant heat
  • Better working environment for personnel

In the past, this food company had a fire risk at one of their facilities due to cocoa fat. The fat would overflow from the tanks from time to time and would be absorbed in fiber blankets used to insulate the equipment. First, this would reduce the blankets’ ability to insulate. Second, the fat, once dried in the blanket, would become flammable, which the company could not have. Since Mascoat is a coating and non-flammable, the fat would simply have to be cleaned off the side of the unit. Neither the fat nor the cleaning would reduce the coating’s ability to insulate, so it was an easy choice for the customer. They also identified that Mascoat has many potential applications for future projects, including drying equipment, conveyors, exhaust pipes, ducting, and many other surfaces.

Cocoa Bean Crusher Insulation before Cocoa Bean Crusher Insulation after