Technical Data

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Client Name and Location:  Chemical Refinery - St. Gabriel, LA


Date of Application: Ongoing project between 2011-2012


Distributor: Johnny Thorning of B&H Distributors


Applicator: Industrial Coating Contractors (ICC)


Coating Used: Mascoat-Industrial DTI


Primers: Gulf Coast Paint CM-15


Unit/Project/Ship Name/Application: 9Chlorine Storage Bullet Tanks


Reason for Application: Reduce radiant heat gain to maintain product stability


Dimensions: 20’x120’ Long


Mils Applied: 120 mils (3 mm)


Application Notes: There were 9 storage tanks coated over a 2-year period. The customer has had no issues with radiant heat gain or corrosion since application of the coating.


Chemical Refinery - Radiant Heat Gain