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The Dow Chemical facility in Plaquemine, LA upholds a strict "dry slab" policy to prevent mold and mildew and reduce the risk of slip hazards in wet environments. Its pipes had not been insulated since it was unnecessary for their process needs; however, with the pipe’s internal temperature at 42-45?F (5-6?C), in a town that averages 85?F (30?C), the pipe would consistently condensate. Workers at the plant jokingly nicknamed the area surrounding the rack the "rainforest."



Dow looked to Mascoat’s specialized anti-condensation coating to stop the condensation and provide a safer environment for personnel; Mascoat Industrial-AC was applied at 160 mils (4 mm) on the length of the pipe. The coating provided a barrier between the cold internal contents and the warm air surrounding the pipe, eliminating condensation and making it ideal for the facility’s dry slab policy.