Technical Data

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Company Name: Withheld
Location: Houston, TX USA
Coating: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Applicator: Brand Energy Solutions
Thickness: 80 mils (1.5 mm)
Reason for application: Personnel and CUI protection


A chemical company in Houston, TX has always had problems with corrosion under insulation because of Houston’s humid environment and the plant's location on the Houston Ship Channel. The moisture in the air consistently gets underneath conventional insulation and stays there as the moist insulation begins to corrode whatever substrate it is covering. Like most refineries, the company searched for a solution so that they could save money on expensive maintenance costs associated with CUI. They found that solution with Mascoat Industrial-DTI.


The thermal insulating coating has been in use at the Lyondell facility for a number of years and once again called on Mascoat’s expertise to help them with a new storage tank for the purposes of CUI and personnel protection. The tank had to be black to conform with the client’s organization process, but Mascoat does not usually offer the coating in that color. Mascoat believes in serving the customer’s needs and therefore went to the lab to formulate a version in black. The coating was then produced and shipped to the client.


After a near-white blast, the tank was coated with an Amerlock primer, as it was made of steel. Steel is the only substrate that requires a primer before application of Mascoat Industrial-DTI, due to the water-based format of the coating. Brand Energy Solutions, a certified Mascoat applicator, applied 80 mils (1.5 mm) of DTI to the tank. It was allowed to cure and then results were tested.


Originally, the tank’s surface measured 190?F, well above personnel protection limits. After 80mils of the coating, the surface temperature was brought down to 130?F, within PP limits. Th energy savings report is in progress, but the client has enjoyed large energy savings employing the coating on past projects and expects this application to add to those already large benefits.

Due to Mascoat’s ability to deliver products to the client’s specifications, the company has put Mascoat Industrial-DTI into its CUI and Personnel Protection programs facility-wide.