Technical Data

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Application: ½” and 1” shower lines
Product: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Dry Film Thickness: 40mils
Applicator: The Brevard Company
Surface Prep: Hand Tool Clean
Primer: Epoxy
Location: Freeport, TX

Throughout a facility, there are chemical showers in place in the event of a physical contact chemical exposure. In these instances, the affected person is directed to use the closest emergency chemical shower. Unfortunately, the exposed piping, which feeds the water to the shower, is located in an exterior environment. Depending on the climate, the small diameter piping can quickly transfer radiant heat gain to its immobile contents. This can lead to personnel being burned by the very apparatus meant to save them.


In order to avoid further recordable injuries in the field, Perstorp contacted Mascoat to see if they could resolve their issues.By applying 40 mils of Mascoat Industrial-DTI, the radiant heat gain of the pipe was significantly curbed and an effective corrosion barrier was also put into place in one simple step.