Mascoat holds a high standard for their products and is recognized across many organizations holding certifications, approvals and ratings. Please see below for specific information.

American Bureau of Shipping

ABS Approval

ABS provides certifications and sets standards for safety in the offshore industry.

To view additional information on these specific ratings please visit the ABS website and search for Mascoat under product list.

Cool Roof Ratings Council

Cool Roof Rating Council

Cool Roof Ratings Council rates many of Mascoat's products as displaying radiative properties, these include:

To view additional information on these specific ratings please visit the CRRC website and search for Mascoat.

Class NK

Class NK Approval

Class NK provides classification and certification for the marine industry to ensure safety and continue to protect the marine environment. Both Mascoat products below are approved for Low Flame Spread, view Class NK approval details.


DNV Approval

DNV confirms and approves manufacturers products which are produced in compliance with international standards, regulations and DNV rules. Both Mascoat products below are approved by DNV for Low Flame Spread, view DNV approval details.

Energy Star

Energy Star Rating

Many of Mascoat's industrial coatings are Energy Star Certified Roof Products, product specific details are below:

Lloyd's Register

Lloyd's Register Approval

Lloyd's Register provides approvals after reviewing, testing, and verifying that products conform to industry quality standards and best practices.

National Sanitation Foundation

Nonfood Compounds Rating

The National Sanitation Foundation third-party certification provides that products comply with the technical requirements of the referenced standard for the product. The following Mascoat product has been registered by the NSF for Proprietary Substances and Nonfood Compounds.


RINA Certification

RINA, a member of the IACS (International Association of Classification Societies), provides assessment of organizations and certifications to products within the maritime, environment, energy, infrastructures, transport and logistics, quality and safety sectors that adhere to their standards of excellence.

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

Russian Maritime Register Approval

The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping provides approvals for maintaining safe navigation of ships, safety of life at sea, safe carriage of goods and environmental protection. The following Mascoat products are approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

United States Coast Guard

US Coast Guard Approval

The US Coast Guard has tested and approved some of Mascoat's coatings to meet their strict guidelines and regulations for safety.