Technical Data

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Owner: Withheld
Vessel: Cargo Vessel
Year completed: 2000
Coating used: Primer unknown, Mascoat Marine-DTM at 60 mils (1.5 mm)
Time to complete: Coating was applied via airless spray equipment with a 2- man crew in two consecutive days by means of 3 full coats to the overhead. Topcoating used was Urethane at 5-7 mils.
Classification Society: Lloyd’s Register

Cargo Vessel with Insulation Coating

This cargo vessel had a major problem during transport. The lower deck level insulation and jacketing system had deteriorated beyond its ability to provide insulation, as well as being a tremendous safety hazard in the overhead. Also, heat from the lower decks of the ship would cause condensation on the second deck, resulting in hazardous working conditions for the personnel working in the area.


The managing Port Captain of the vessel was looking for a good, fast solution to providing insulation capabilities, but also keeping costs to a minimum. The shipowner relayed to the Port Captain about a product he had seen in the trade magazine Maritime Reporter. After a quick telephone call with Mascoat’s engineering staff, the Port Captain was given an acceptable solution to the vessel’s problem.

Marine Cargo Vessel with Insulation Coating


Mascoat Marine-DTM was chosen because it would solve the condensation problem with minimum space used and little time needed at port. After installation of the coating, the client reported that it was applied in a very short time, allowing the ship to disembark quickly. They are no longer having a condensation problem on the second deck.