Technical Data

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Company: Cargill Netherlands
Application: Stainless steel tanks
Insulation: Shell is traditional insulated with 50 mm
Material: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Thickness: 3 mm
Topcoat: Urethane including anti-slip
Temperature: 50?C
Content: Cooking oil


The Cargill processing and storage facility in Rotterdam, The Netherlands is building 30 new stainless steel storage tanks that will store cooking oil. The tanks vary in diameter, from 2.4 meters to 9 meters, but all must be able to keep the cooking oil at a usable temperature. Stabilizing the internal temperature will also help prevent condensation that was forming on the roof of the previous tanks. One other issue that all storage tanks have is that their roofs cannot be insulated with conventional insulation due to the damage caused by walking on it.

After learning about Mascoat Industrial-DTI, the company decided that the coating would be the best option for their upcoming build. The coating is well-known for its energy retention capabilities, but Cargill also wanted an insulation on the roof that wouldn’t fall apart when walked on, as the employees need to access the area to take samples of the product inside. The coating was able to be top coated with an anti-slip Urethane product for enhanced safety.


Since application took place, the company has reported that the coating has performed up to all the claims made about it. They are planning on using the coating on all future tank builds below 375?F (190?C) that require insulation.