Technical Data

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Company: Cargill Foods
Application: Cocoa bean crusher
Material: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Thickness: 140 mils (3.5 mm)


Traditional Flammable Insulation


One problem that occurs in most food processing plants is leakage from storage tanks and machines. Depending on what is leaking, it can be a hazard, not only to the production line, but also to the personnel working around the equipment.  The Cargill facility in Wormerveer, Netherlands had just that problem with a cocoa been crusher used in their process line.


Excess cocoa fat and grease would seep out of the crusher and into the insulation lining the sides. Not only did this drastically reduce the effectiveness of the insulation, it was also extremely flammable, making the area unsafe. After learning about Mascoat Industrial-DTI on the Internet, the company contacted Mascoat to see if the coating would be a viable substitute for the traditional insulation causing them so many issues.

Non-Flammable DTI


DTI has been applied in food and beverage facilities around the world. The non-flammable coating is not affected by moisture, leaks, or grease, so the Mascoat representative knew immediately that the coating would solve their issues. After an initial test, the company applied 140 mils (3.5 mm) of the coating to the crusher. Even though DTI is food-safe approved in countries around the world, including the USA, Cargill applied an anti-bacterial topcoat. The system now dependably allows for personnel protection, energy retention, ease of cleaning, and a better working environment.


The company has since reported that the coating is working to their satisfaction and they are looking at using the coating in other parts of their plant, including drying equipment, exhaust pipes, and ducting.