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Burger Boat with Insulation Coating

Burger Boat Company, founded in 1863, designs and builds custom motor yachts ranging in size from 100' (30m)–200'(60m). Typically, the company launches between 2–3 yachts per year and has 4–6 projects under construction at various stages of completion. The vessels built today successfully blend the rich heritage of experienced yacht building with the latest technologies and systems available in the marketplace. Some of the latest technologies that Burger is employing are Mascoats’ Marine-DTM Thermal Barrier Coating and Mascoat Sound ControlDB.


A few of the key aspects of producing quality yachts is to keep the vessels within weight specifications and to save as much space as possible for the client’s needs. Conventional insulation severely weighs down the ships and concessions have to be made in other areas of the ship. Conventional insulation also takes up a tremendous amount of room. Mark Costello, Production Manager of Burger, has stated on many occasions that using Mascoat’s coatings not only solves his weight issues, but also reduces build times and allows for more space to be used for other needs throughout the ships.


Burger Boat with Insulation Coating

When building a yacht, the builder always has to keep cost considerations in mind. Mascoat Products helps to keep costs down by reducing installation time of insulation to a minimum, dramatically cutting the man-hours required to apply the product. Because the coating is applied via airless sprayer, hundreds of square feet of insulation can be applied in a short amount of time, with just a few men, usually from the in-house paint crew. Ben Place, Purchase Manager for Burger, knows the value of a dollar because that is his job. He has commented that the cost savings of Mascoat over conventional insulation options helps to keep yachts within or below insulation budgets.


Since Burger Boat Company realized the advantages to using Mascoat’s coatings, they envision a solid relationship for years to come. Rick Farr, Project Manager at Burger, stated at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2007, “The benefits of Mascoat are so great, I see Mascoat Marine-DTM and Mascoat Sound ControlDB being applied to all Burger Yachts for the foreseeable future.