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Company name: Brunsmann Yacht and Ship Experts Netherlands
Coating: Sound Control-dB and Marine-DTM


Vibrational Noise ReductionBrunsmann Yacht and Ship Experts do not build yachts; their role is to give their customers independent and professional advice about new builds, new purchases, and other areas of owning a yacht. In one of their business dealings, Brunsmann Experts was asked to give their advice about an upcoming steel riverboat being built at a local shipyard. Specifically, they were asked to give their recommendations about how to alleviate condensation and sound issues. After meeting with representatives from Mascoat’s Europe office, the company decided to use Marine-DTM radiant barrier and anti-condensation coating to prevent any condensation issues, while at the same time protecting the steel hull from and corrosion issues. They also decided to use Sound Control-dB sound damping coating to prevent any unwanted vibrational noise causing discomfort to the passengers aboard.


The vessel is scheduled to deliver in late 2012 or early 2013, but Brunsmann has reported they are happy with the coatings’ ease of application and space saving abilities.



vibrational noise reductionMarine Anti-Condensation Solution