Technical Data

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Company: Withheld
Application: Bitumen storage tanks
Material: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Thickness: 100 mils (2.5 mm)
Pre-application temperature: 250?F (121?C)
Post-application temperature: 130?F (54?C)
Content: Bitumen


Bitumen Storage Tanks


In the summer of 2010, an asphalt company was experimenting with new processes in their Houston, TX facility. Part of the new process involved installing new bitumen tanks.


One of the contractors working with the company had been using Mascoat for years in many different types of facilities. He recommended Mascoat Industrial-DTI for its thermal insulation, CUI prevention and personnel protection capabilities. Another reason the coating was recommended is that Mascoat’s coatings can be applied in a fraction of the time of conventional insulation, saving time and money for the new facility.


The plant is located on the Houston Ship Channel, where it can be very humid for most of the year. Since the tanks operate just under 300?F (149?C), the substrate would be very at risk for CUI. Since Mascoat’s coatings are applied directly to the substrate or primer, there is no internal atmosphere in which corrosion can take hold.


The company was very satisfied with the installed costs and hasn’t had any issues stemming from insulation on those tanks since installation.