Technical Data

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Application: Crude Pipe
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Dimensions: 290' × 52'
Coating Used: Mascoat Industrial-DTI
Thickness: 60 mils (1.5 mm)


In the winter of 2011, a refinery in Baton Rouge completed construction of a new 290’ X 52’ crude storage tank and needed to decide what style of insulation that they would have installed.


A comparison study of total insulation value of Mascoat Industrial-DTI and conventional insulation was completed and determined Mascoat to be the best option for the customer. The major deciding factor was the history that this refinery has had with CUI. With the 115°F (46°C) temperature that this tank operates at, it is very susceptible to CUI if conventional insulation was used.


An epoxy primer was installed prior to the application of DTI, which was applied at 60 mils (1.5 mm) DFT. The final coat of Mascoat was applied in black to gain solar absorbance and to hide any stains from the crude oil.


After the tank was put in service, Operations were asked how the Mascoat coating was performing. They reported that they saw no significant difference between the existing conventionally insulated tanks and the new tank coated with Mascoat had no negative performance issues. To date, they have had no CUI issues.